Building comprises of building the micro-hypervisor core configured with selected functionality corresponding to überApp micro-hypervisor extensions.

An überApp comprises of a legacy guest OS application (found within uxmhf-rpi3/rgapps/linux) and a micro-hypervisor extension (found within uxmhf-rpi3/uapps/)


There are two libraries to support refactoring legacy guest OS code into überApps. There is a userspace library (uxmhf-rpi3/rgapps/linux/libs/libuhcall) and a kernel space library (uxmhf-rpi3/rgapps/linux/libs/libkhcall). These provide a function call interface for making a micro-hypervisor extension call (e.g., uhcall() for making userspace calls to invoke an überApp micro-hypervisor extension).